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IMPORTANT - Possible to get second 50K Personal Card

My wife just got approved using Link 4B for a 50K Personal MC. Previous Personal cards:

Jan 18, 2015 - Platinum MC
Jul 2 & 10, 2013 - Platinum Visas

This follows PaulMSN doing the same:

Originally Posted by PaulMSN
I think I just blew a hole in the 18-month rule. Here is my application history for AA cards:


Citi AA Platinum Select MC 06/OC/14
Citi AA Platinum Select MC 10/MR/15

His theory was that the Elite World MC could be different from the 'normal' Platinum MC they were issuing up until February or so of this year. We confirmed the 50K bonus with the Rep on chat when approving the card.

So if you got a Platinum MC prior to the changeover to World Elite, you should be able to apply again and get the new World Elite MC. Of course, as with all things Citi, YMMV.

N.B.: She has not closed ANY Citi MCs in the last 18 months although she did get a new Gold MC this year. She did get a new Elite World MC to replace the Platinum card she got in January of this year but has not activated it.
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