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Originally Posted by bdschobel View Post
Well, sure, if I knew to even ask the question, I might have found out in advance. (And maybe not, since the Golden Gate Bridge went cashless just a month or two before it caught me.) But even if I knew, did I really have any alternative to get back to SFO? Only an idiot would drive all the way around SF Bay to approach the airport from the south. Is the SF Bay Bridge also cashless? I have no idea.
I actually agree with you. In my case I planned it as a scenic tour and did the Oakland route back, but of course for someone pressed for time it would make no sense. AFAIK only the GG bridge is cashless.

I always try to research a city which I know to have tolls ahead of time just to make sure none are cashless where I need to go, otherwise if an alternative route isn't feasible, I'll just rent the toll transponder from the rental company.

Anyway, the point here is that these new, high-tech cashless toll roads are a nightmare for people in rental cars. That remains true.

I agree with you and it makes me wonder why cities with high visitors/tourists who rent cars would even implement this. Almost feel like their getting a cut out of the additional fee's being charged
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