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Originally Posted by NttDocomo View Post
Hi Everyone, I am new to this as I just been using BlueBird but now need to look for ways to spend and make the first-time bonus spending for a Citi card and a AE card.

I read the wiki and some of the posts, it seems both the USB Buxx and NW Buxx cards are good for loading with Citi CC without any fees? Previously I loaded Bluebird with Citi CC but was charged cash advance fees.

So both the USB Buxx and NW Buxx will allow loading with Citi or AE CC ($2000 and $1000 limit respectively) and I can use the loaded funds to pay back the CC? Or I should have the funds pay the bill of a different card (e.g. Load USB Buxx with Citi CC to pay bill for AE but not the same Citi CC)?

Thanks very much for all the help. Have a wonderful day
Hi Everyone, just curious if anyone may provide some help with my questions. Any tips or hints is appreciated, thanks very much and have a wonderful weekend!
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