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Originally Posted by nsx View Post
What a way to welcome tourists to your state.
Agreed. And in a state that has a very high number of inbound tourists, too. How much do you want to bet that car rental companies have quietly lobbied for these roads and the lack of signage, given the profit they make on these billings?

Originally Posted by IAHtraveler View Post
Now if only everyone took EZPass! Or they had an app for that...
Exactly. There's no reason why there shouldn't be a nationally accepted payment platform. It would (I assume) be easy to develop an app that would use GPS to determine tolls owed and the payments are debited from a prepaid account. Obviously there would be quirks to iron out (such as making sure that passengers are not charged...there'd have to be a way to turn the app off, for instance...or have one person in the vehicle link their phone to the car's computer system via bluetooth...the point being there are ways around that problem).
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