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Originally Posted by iflyjetz View Post
Bottom line: OP, don't worry about this. Hyatt's very good at fixing things. Eventually.
Thanks; I know it will get sorted out, just concerned about the time it will take to make sure it all works out. Also fear that there will be an issue when checking in. But Hyatt usually comes through so not overly concerned.

Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
I was freaked out recently when a DSU showed as two room reservations on my reservation. Very strange, but it worked out fine.
Mine also shows up as two rooms; I think they do this when you are given a connector room (i.e. technically two rooms with two different room numbers). My most recent Hyatt stay I was given a connector room without using a DSU; it showed up as two rooms about 24 hours before my stay. I was concerned I was being charged for two rooms, but when I checked in they explained it was a complimentary upgrade.
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