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Originally Posted by Kacee View Post
"Always?" I think "sometimes" is the correct description.

And while it may be only mildly disturbing when it happens on a regular reservation, I'm sure it's rather unsettling when you're on a pre-paid rate and they charge your credit card in full at the mistake rate.
Ah, playing post police today, are we?

In 2015, I have noted a temporary rate change 100% of the time after using a DSU that usually gets fixed to the original rate within a few hours. If it isn't back to original rate in a few hours, I call HGP to try to fix it. Sometimes it takes multiple phone calls to get fixed.
100% of the time = always.

Since we only get 4 DSUs per year, this has been MY recent observations. Always. But my datapoint for always is my last 3 DSUs, used in 2015.
My record on this: 1 time rate got fixed automatically, 1 time rate got fixed after 1 phone call, 1 time rate never got fixed in spite of multiple phone calls and had to be fixed at the hotel. All three got fixed.
One was a prepaid rate where I was charged on my credit card. One was not a prepaid rate but I had an additional charge on my credit card. Both overcharges were refunded.

In previous years I've almost always used DSUs at time of reservation while enroute to a hotel (on the road, make phone call to reserve room, check into hotel an hour or two later). In those cases from previous years, I did not note a rate change.

Bottom line: OP, don't worry about this. Hyatt's very good at fixing things. Eventually.
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