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Class Action lawsuit?

Originally Posted by sunchip View Post
Two different reps have told me this too. $9 for 1k spend but 5 trips to an ATM. Kind of a PITA now. Funny how $5 changes how I look at this card.
If this is really a new policy this could probably be a profitable case for a class action lawsuit.

It seems for a long time most Allpoint ATM's have been improperly leading to $1.00 charges. An occasional misclassification may be understandable, but one would have expected the misclassification to have been corrected once they were made aware of the error. I know from experience that the errors in their data base are not corrected even after they are made aware of them. The rate of this error implies a very systematic problem, possibly with a conscious decision to cheat their customers (presuming many would not both to call to correct an error, even if they noticed it).

On problem would be finding a good plaintiff, since some people who have been using these for manufactured spending may have violated one or more terms of the contracts themselves, or contracts with their credit card issuers.

A better plaintiff might be a parent with child at college who had been using these cards as a way to give him or her access to cash and a credit card, while yet limiting how much they could spend. Ideally, this would be low income parent supporting one or more struggling students for who the $1.00 extra fees could be argued to make a real difference.

Possibly even a lawyer here might recognize the opportunity, and others may know of a good plaintiff or plaintiffs.
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