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Optimal number of cards

Originally Posted by xraywinedrinker View Post
This seems to imply that as many as 4 teen cards might be useful, with each one loaded for $1000 per month.

If one is using the cards get money from ATM's one could feed the cards through a machine one after another (possibly then adding the cash on to a Serve).

If used to pay a credit card bill, I am not certain whether one could use all of the cards in one phone call if the names on the cards were different, even though all belonged to one family. In my limited experience with using them to pay a CITI bill I was asked whether I had the authority to use these cards and could say yes, since my name was on the card, and the bill was in my name. If it was say a teen of mine, or spouse would there be a issue? The bill being paid might have a different name than the name on the debit card.
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