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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
Is it possible that the OP's original rate didn't permit use of the DSU? Could the additional charge be the difference to buy up to a rate eligible for DSUs? [This would be more likely if the OP had used points for the upgrade.]
I guess it is possible? But I paid in full; didn't know there was such thing as a paid room ineligible for a DSU. And it seems like the agent on the phone would have told me.

Originally Posted by dashark View Post
Check the rate on your reservation online. I just used a DSU and found out that when they implement, in some cases they just rebook you at the standard suite rate and then are supposed to do a "manual override" on the rebooking to reset to your original room rate within two hours.

In my case, someone missed the manual override and my reservation was left at the standard suite rate. I had to call the Diamond line and have them redo the "manual override." Fortunately, I had them fix it before they processed a new deposit on the room.
I'm guessing this may be the case. Hopefully they can get it refunded quickly.... would rather not have $930 on my credit card for long...

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