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Originally Posted by intuition View Post
OSL has a "shortcut" from arrivals to departures, but you need to go through security. You arrive at second floor and it is just a long hallway with glassed walls alongside all gates and it is a long long walk to exit. However, somewhere in the middle of this exit walkway there is a (very small) transfer security where they check onwards BP and scan everything, then you are allowed to go down and you enter straight into departure hall with access to gates (and lounges).
Thanks, I figured there might be a security check given the current arrangements at OSL with customs etc. I checked SAS MCTs which seemed to give Schengen transfers 30 minutes, I have 40 so I'm not too concerned. ^

Originally Posted by DreamlinerFinder View Post
AGP has a different section for Shengen regions but it looks like it goes downstairs from the gate ( always D as B and C are non-Shengen) and there is a route that will take you back to about the middle of the area with the only (bad) lounge about 50m away
Hmm thanks, from what I've found (or lack thereof), there doesn't seem to be any checks when Schengen arrivals are concerned, but shall definitely report along the way.

(Un)fortunately, it seems my arrival time of 23:55 is almost an hour after the lounge has closed so won't be able to use that amenity. Only about an hour to kill before departure anyway, so not too bothered.
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