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Originally Posted by intuition View Post
I have only vague memories of AGP - I don't know if there is a quick airside transit gate, it does however have (very confusing IIRC) transit signs after luggage pick up.

Other spanish airports has quick airside transit. Remymartin, gwaigwai and I did a 1H return at LPA last year without breaking a sweat. 10 minutes tops gate to gate.
We even managed to fake ourselves into the lounge and Remy had even time to buy some cigarrs. However, it was two times 6H on 737's and if Remy and gwaigwai didn't resent SK before they surely do now
Sounds like fun, perhaps I'll end up despising the AY SH J product after my trip to come, booked an immediate turnaround.

Related question, since I booked an OSL-AGP return. I read up on the transfer process in OSL, but couldn't find a conclusive answer for Schengen-Schengen connections, and it's been such a long time I don't remember.

Would an immediate turnaround at OSL be possible, i.e. arriving and departing on the same AY plane? Furthermore, since I'm travelling HBO will it be necessary to go through customs/security once more?
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