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I know I'm bumping a really old thread, but I have some more experience with Colombian dentistry. Both were excellent results.

Last year, I had to have root canal surgery and get a crown. Despite the fact that our Colombian medical coverage includes dentistry, I chose to go to the dentist that my wife has used since she was a child. I've always had good results with him and I'm a believer in experience when it comes to the mechanics working on my body. My root canal went perfectly, with little pain, and cost me COP $300,000. He tried to save the tooth with a permanent plastic material, but my addiction to chewing gum and whole almonds made that fail. The crown cost COP $600,000 and fits perfectly. I've had three root canal/crown procedures previously in the USA, and this went as well as the best of them. For the last one in the USA, even though I have good large-company dental insurance, I still spent nearly $1,000 out of pocket.
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