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Originally Posted by David-A View Post
They charge the same price to all travellers, so if you are flying outside the European VAT area, they take more money than if you fly to somewhere inside the VAT area (as they have to pass on some of what they collect as VAT).


That is the one sweet spot that realy does remain, fly inside the VAT area, buy it and get a business VAT reciept, then company reclaims.

Indeed, the ability (indeed, the right) to get a VAT receipt for a price that is already notionally discounted by 20% can be a real plus, and I've done it myself, so I can confirm it works (though it can sometimes be a little troublesome to convince them to print a VAT receipt, much like any other Dixons in that regard...) - I bought an ASUS eeePC this way some years ago, and it was about 10% cheaper (after taking into account the VAT reclaimed) than any other source - plus, it was in my hand when I needed it...

However, some of the prices at the "Duty Free" shops are so ludicrous that even with the 20% plus 20% discount, they still don't cost in, so prior research is recommended - also, I've noticed that the range at the airside duty free shops has been getting worse over the past 5 years, so unless what you want is "trendy" you may not even find it stocked.....


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