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They charge the same price to all travellers, so if you are flying outside the European VAT area, they take more money than if you fly to somewhere inside the VAT area (as they have to pass on some of what they collect as VAT).

And the prices are called 'airport prices' now, not 'VAT free', they don't always equal the VAT saving, sometimes not even close to it.

Ok, so is the price good:

If you are flying outside the VAT area, you can usually beat the price in central london, with a VAT reclaim (retail export scheme).

If you are UK based, the internet might well be able to beat the price. Even with a collection charge to an Amazon locker, etc, if you are going to be working away from home and don't have somewhere (work address, etc) that you want to recieve parcels.

So I'd certainly price check online.

Are you buying for business or personal?
Given that you are flying inside the VAT area, you will (as discussed above) pay the 'airport price' (as per everyone else) and an element of it will be VAT. Accordingly they can give you a 'VAT receipt' for use in a business style VAT recalim (they will not entertain Retail Export Scheme disucssions).
That is the one sweet spot that realy does remain, fly inside the VAT area, buy it and get a business VAT reciept, then company reclaims.

If you don't know what you want, why not pop into John Lewis and at least have a feel to get an idea first. Airport choice is not always extensive, as online shopping is dominant.
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