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Originally Posted by It'sHip2B^2 View Post
The harness wasn't a problem until we got to the rental car. It took me two days to figure out that I'd installed the car seat on top of the webbing. That's poor seat design, IMO. Once I figured that out I just tried to remember to fully tighten the harness between installs so it wouldn't happen again.

I think the other annoying thing about that seat is that no matter how tightly I installed it it always needed to be readjusted so that the angle was correct. That seat light to have a rubber bottom like the Britax seats (and harness comfort pads and head wings and multiple reclines... Hey, I just designed at $200 seat!)

We actually bought a luggage strap at Wal-Mart and looped it through the FF belt path to attach the car seat to the stroller. I just left the luggage strap looped in that belt path the duration of our trip. I didn't even bother unwrapping the LATCH strap or top tether since I figured it would be less complicated to just do seat belt install the entire time. This is sorry of ironic because all my "hard" install seats I install with seat belts and the Click Tight seats I've installed using LATCH.

Next time I've got to figure out how to take less. And do pre-check.

Sounds like you're a pro already!

My biggest gripe with the lightweight seats are the "tipping" and constantly having to readjust the seatbelt as well. I hate that.

The uneven straps have been an issue with Dorel seats for many many years. Drives me nuts.

I find the Evenflo harness designed a bit better, but not by much.
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