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Justfly refuses to refund my Austrian Airline ticket 50 days before the flight, although the itinerary stated that "For all cancellations, a minimum fee of $250.00 USD per passenger is charged at the time of cancellation, and an airline fee is applied at the time of rebooking. If permitted by the airline, the remaining funds may be available within one year of the cancellation ." They refer to the last sentence saying that my only option is to rebook within a year, which is not how I read and understood the rule. I've been on hold forever. Customer service representatives don't' identify themsleves, except some bogus nick names, and do not transfer you to their supervisors. Austrian Airlines does not say that my ticket cannot be cancelled, but refer me to process the cancellation though this damn website. And they just refuse to do it. Can someone please advise how to deal with them? Thank you.
You could also try emailing them at [email protected]
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