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Originally Posted by Globaliser View Post
Are those cheaper flights on published fares, though? ITA will return only published fares, but is very good at finding the cheapest if you set reasonably narrow search parameters. However, there are search engines out there that also return consolidator fares that may well be cheaper but are a different kettle of fish as far as T&C are concerned. If you're not bothered by that (as a great deal of the market for those fares isn't) then that's not a problem - but a wise consumer always knows what they're actually getting before they buy.
You are certainly right.

A psychology professor asked his students: "What do you think is a better tool, a hammer of or a screwdriver?". Roughly half of the students raised their hands for the screwdriver, and half for the hammer. And then there was an awkward silence, as people realized "Better FOR WHAT?". If you have a nail to screw, you'd better use the screwdriver. If you have one to nail, better use the hammer.

Likewise, there is no "one size fits all" way about it. Personally, I don't care about T&C's - an airline will look after me and/or compensate me (not to mention travel insurance). The thousands (tens of thousand?) of saved over the year certainly are a benefit worth the minuscule risk.
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