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Originally Posted by IanAsiaTraveller View Post
Just to go back to the point about whether it's worth paying for CW rather than WTP, every traveller will have their own view about this. I know someone who says that the extra 7 inches of legroom transforms the flight for him and he would never pay for anything more. On the other hand I look at Premium Economy fares (on BA and other airlines) and find they usually sit somewhere roughly midway between Economy and Business. To me there's no way that WTP is half way towards CW in terms of space, service etc so for me it's always business class at the best price I can get. As already said though, it's very much an individual decision.
It's true that it is very much a personal decision and i would party agree with you.

In terms of space and comfort WTP isnt anywhere near CW- For someone who has a restricitve company travel policy when I do mange to fly long haul CW it makes a world of difference and having the lie flat seats really transforms the flight HOWEVER in terms of actual service between the 2 classes I dont think there is much between them..

Admitedly being silver helps as I get to use the same premium check in lines , fast track etc. however the actual service on board i dont see much difference:

As a business product the catering is extremly poor for both main and breakfast meals.- limited choice , doent feel like premium quality. WTP you get almost the same choices of food.

CW kitchen has seriously diminished making it almost worthless.

You may get a slightly better drinks selection but i have found when i have had a decent crew (not so much recently) in WTP or even in WT by asking nicly they have provided me drinks from the CW selection.

Attitude wise of the service I found in my last 3 CW flights and 2 WTP flights the crew were miserbale - When I had simple request like an extra bread roll or something they would say yes and walk off and 'forget' to bring me a n item. Generally no freindlyness but just curt and moody grunts throughout the flights..

If I had other options (less restrictive corporate travel policy) I would probably avoid BA where I could as they seem to have lost any 'premiumness' to them.
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