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Originally Posted by AZ Travels the World View Post
Maybe someone can help me figure out how to get past this. This started today.

On my Windows desktop machine using Firefox, I go to my bookmark for aa.com, or I manually type aa.com and I get this message:

Sorry, the website validate-sjc.www.aa.com cannot be found

It resolves to this URL:
http ://finder.cox.net/main?InterceptSource=0&ClientLocation=us&Participa ntID=96e687opkbv4scrood8k84drs6gw5duf&FailureMode= 1&SearchQuery=&FailedURI=http%3A%2F%2Fvalidate-sjc. http://www.aa.com%2F%3Fv_locale%3Den...n=0&method=GET
I can't seem to do anything. Manually deleting cookies and history has had no impact.

I know aa.com is up, as I can access it via my MacBook on the same wireless network.

Any ideas how I can get past this and connected to the AA website on my primary computer?

Thank you!
I was getting the same thing on Win7 and Chome, even though I'm at a hotel and not on a Cox Cable line. On my iPad it works fine.

Try aa.com/checkin which seems to bypass whatever nonsense is tripping that "validate.sjc" stuff. No idea what that is.
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