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Originally Posted by dshah9380 View Post
What I meant was if I can use AGC to buy Simon Mall GC then I can use portal to get AGC and use the cashback
My bad, dont know how I missed that it is clear as day. I havent played with the AGCs, but I can tell you that with SM you hand over your card and they swipe it on their computer. I cant ever remember where they took it and didnt closely match it to my DL.

I just dont see them accepting a handful of AGCs, if you can get an AGC thats value is say $1000s then maybe. I also dont see them letting you buy 1 GC at a time over and over for $496.05 each ($3.95 fee per SMGC) That AGC better not have Gift anywhere on it and beable to pass as if its a CC

I also hardly doubt they will accept any card that doesnt have your name embossed on it.

You probably need to stick to those places that let you swipe the card you want to use for payment. Had that at a WMMC where she wanted me to hand over my card, which I did and then she handed it back and told me to swipe it on the pad below, and I swiped my card (only not the 1 I handed over), other stores the employee will swipe it and then tell me to input my Pin on the pad, of cause every time that occurs seems I input the wrong pin and need to call up the cards comp to reset it . This wont work at any SM Ive been to since they want 1 swipe and they do all the swiping.
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