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behuman, thank you for your kind words. It is sad indeed, but I increasingly felt like the proverbial frog in boiling water, and I decided to jump before it's too late. (By the way, as recognition for 10 years as SEN and many years as SR TCGM before, I got... two status stars! :-::-

In the last few years, the continuous enhancements to M&M (less accumulation on many fares, redemption grid inflation, outrageous cash surcharges, program rules restrictions etc.) became a real headache. The final straw was when last year, LH childishly reduced status mile earn on TK after I had already booked 3 revenue J tickets with TK. They essentially pushed me out.

Originally Posted by behuman View Post
No one sane will ever upgrade with miles
No, but with eVouchers with expiry dates...
Of course operational upgrades will become less, but it is a thing you can not speculate getting anyway
Well, on my trunk route YUL <-> ZRH, Y is notoriously full and C / F notoriously empty, so my op-up score in the past few years, especially around holiday periods, was near 100%.

Since about last year, I noticed LX counter staff in YUL actively flogging their last-minute cash upgrades (at fixed amounts), but still with few takers. However, with the new bid system they can opaquely accept a $100 upgrade bid if they really have to, before giving out any op-ups.

Don't get me wrong - I work with airline economics and I perfectly understand the financial rationale behind products such as Plusgrade. However, airlines using this system trade emotional / intangible brand loyalty against short-term revenue boosts. And sitting at the other end of that trade, I made my choice to walk.
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