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Originally Posted by jamesteroh View Post
Had a guy with a small child yesterday on my BOS/DTW flight (girl looked like she was over 2 but apparently she wasn't if she was a lap child). I think it was a gate upgrade because I saw the machine spit out a slip when the GA scanned his phone and he boarded with his wife and she took an aisle seat in EC.

He was my seat mate and boarded a few people ahead of me and I noticed he had some things on my seat and figured since he had a small child he was just getting situated so I put my bag in the bin and he proceeds to sit down in my seat. He told me he needed an aisle since he was holding a child and the GA only had windows available.

I thought it took a lot of nerve to just take the seat and tell me he was taking the aisle. I told him I wanted the aisle and wasn't going to take the window and he got a lot nasty about it and said it was a short flight. He asked a couple other people to trade that were in aisles and no one would and had the nerve to ask the FA to try to do a seat swap and she wouldn't.

I guess it wasn't that big of an issue to have a window seat because he didn't give it up and didn't need to get out of his seat the entire flight. If it was that big of a pain for him to be with a lap held child in a window seat he should have declined the upgrade or given the girl to his wife who was in a coach window seat.

I would have probably switched with the guy (and just warned him I was going to be getting up to use the bathroom during the flight and if the girl was asleep he would have to deal with it) if he wouldn't have just sat down in my seat and would have asked. When someone is sitting in my seat and tells me they want it, then I am not going to do a seat swap
This DYKWIA behavior is known as Seat Squatting; Occupying an unoccupied seat that the squatter does not have permission to use.

I do not know how to add "Seat Squatter" to the Wiki. Can someone help me? Thanks.
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