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Originally Posted by Concerto View Post
Actually, I do find segment running more time consuming and tiring than possibly getting the status through miles. On one of my major country pairs (Switzerland-Germany) I really do need to take nonstop flights to save time. Fiddling around through AMS or CDG is something I would rather avoid, unless I'm flying further afield, such as some of the many UK airports that KLM serves (let's face it, KLM serves more British airports than British Airways these days). If I can work the segments out to suit the trip I am on, then fine, but it is often a lot more work.
For my current city pair (BRU-FRA), the KLM journey through AMS was ok, except for the 50 minute connection in the morning. You just need a slight bit of Polderbaan or such, and you spend 3 hours at AMS. As a result, right now I do the direct LH trip.

On my last trip through AMS, my flight from BRU was slightly late. Got on the bus at 9:25 for a connecting flight at 09:50. Cutoff time of 09:35 (bus again), KLM had already rebooked me. Ran through the airport and made it to the gate at 09:34 .... they happily put me back on the flight, in my original seat and commented "Wow, you made it here fast!" ... so yes, LH right now


PS = And yes, I could give myself a longer connection without arrival at FRA later ... but that means taking a 5:55 flight .....
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