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Originally Posted by irishguy28 View Post
A few comments:

- how did you calculate that mileage total? It looks incredibly high
I took the min miles per european segment (750) , multiplied that by 2.5(intra european business class) and multiplied that by 6 (nr of segments).
- for the number of award miles listed, you could just buy them direct from FB for about a third of that price
- the level miles you would earn on this trip would still leave you a long ways off earning even Silver. Better to focus on qualifying by segments, rather than by level miles. The 6 segments of this trip actually probably are more valuable than the level miles earned!
- People who qualify on level miles usually do so because of LONGHAUL (better still: Business) flying. Otherwise, your segment count gets you to the threshold long, long before your level miles balance does
If you are just 10k miles short this might be a better alternative then long haul in an expensive (semi-)flexible Economy fare bucket .
- that price looks very high!
I don't think this is too bad to get 10k qualifying miles. If you want to go for segments it might be better to book a similar itinerary on cheap Y: you can get 6 segments for €250 in that case.

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