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Never said that , if anything I said the complete opposite by saying Congrads to those it will work for.

I simply said @ 2x and the SnS's that dont require me to go over a toll bridge dont carry the $20-500 GCs. So with a couple of trips up coming that will have me out of town for > 2 weeks and with a tank almost full already it doesnt pay for me to play this round. Costco is $1.89 a gal the Shell was $2.23 end result FOR ME if I went over the bridge to get the GCs would amount to < $15 savings for afull tank of gas. If that amount in savings is up your alley great, it doesnt work for me especially as it will be snowing tomorrow and the time I need to invest doesnt justify the results

I know folks that drive miles out of their way to save 4 cents a gal on gas they probably use up the savings plus driving back and forth, but go convince them of that all they know is they saved a buck going to the other station

Was just told that my savings would be $4 less since I could pay $3.95 per $500 GC instead of $5.95. Im positive there are many folks that @ 2x it works for them , not having to drive all around to find a SnS that actually carrys the $20-500s , no tolls to get there , within a short distance from home or work = not having to drive way out of your way and use up alot of gas , having a # of cars to fill up, and being around most of the 30 days before the pts expire.If that applied to me as well I would have done this as well but even then it would cost me $16+ to fill the tank out of pocket and not $0
Not sure the equation is properly stated. Assume $2.50 a gallon for gas, so three $500 GCs will get you a free fill up. True, those $1500 in GCs will cost you $15 in activation fees, but I doubt anybody is buying them without a credit card that pays some type of reward, be it miles or cashback. Me, I use at least a Capital One Spark card that pays 2% CB (though I also have a TD Bank 5% card). Assuming a 16 gallon fill-up that is worth $40, benefit for me is $40-15+$30 = $55, better than 3% return. If I use my TD card, the benefit jumps up to $100 in value.
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