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Originally Posted by craz View Post
whats the big deal? to save $2 a gal you need 2 GCs @ $5.95 or there goes $12 in savings. The cheapest Shell near me are .20 - .30 more per gal then Costco so if Im lucky Id save $15 tops, but Id have to reduce that by having to drive around to find the GCs as many SnS have gotten rid of the $20-500 GCs and have $50 GCs as the max in my area. end result for me would be spending a couple of hrs at a min to save $15

Congrads to those who wont have to spend near the amount of time Id have to. It was a much better outcome when it was 3x or 5x. Then being Overseas for over 2 weeks in April greatly reduces the amount of gas Id need during the 30 days before the pts expire. End result wont go out of my way to get the GCs but will get 4 (max) if I happen to be passing by a SnS w/o going out of my way
I completely agree. On top of that, I also have to pay 38% interest on my AMEX blue cash credit card that will completely wipe out any saving I get from buying those darn cards.

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