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Ah...but don't many merchants ask for a pin on mag strip transactions especially but not confined to the equivalent of kiosks in the USA; except the pin is called "Please enter the zip code of the cardholder's billing address." Of course in the NYC underground, it hardly helps out foreign travelers to our shores (so they have the same right to complain as we do when travelling) as in NYC, you can only use credit cards at metrocard vending machines; if you don't have a zip code you can't just go over to the clerk and use your credit card as in many stations there is no clerk and they can't process credit card transactions, at least I think they can't, at all. At least in the USA, there are very few petrol stations which are totally automated again at least in my experiences. There's almost always a clerk to turn to to sell the nosh they want you to buy with your fill up.
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