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Lucky you. I don't think I can purchase a MO using any VGC from my neighboring Krogers since last fall. 4 out of 5 CS cashiers will ask for ID and the card I use to match before I can swipe. One CS cashiers asked me for 2 IDs two weeks ago when I tried to purchase 2K MOs, I left without buying.

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To throw in my 2 cents. I currently use Simon Malls as my primary MS method. I wish I could buy $10k a day, but that isnt very scale-able. How many days of $10k a day before redflags on the part of simon malls gets you banned. Maybe if you have many simon malls in a small area. There is only one Simon mall near me.

I generally make one trip per week to Simon Malls and purchase $9k worth of the $1,000 biz gift cards. $3.95 fee. If I put all of this on my barclays arrival returning 2.22% I am making $199.80 gross. Now for the fees. $3.95 per $1k is $35.55 total card fees. Plus $0.70 for $1,000 = $6.30. Total fees = $41.85 so net = $157.95.

Now for my time. Reasonably the Simon Malls trip takes 45 minutes between driving there, parking, getting to the office, getting the cards issued, walking back to the car. Liquidating the cards takes several trips as I can only liquidate $2k in money orders per day at any single walmart, there is also Fred Meyer for another $3k per day. In order to liquidate $9k in money orders by myself I would have to visit 4 different retailers. At 45 minutes each with driving. Total time around 3 1/2 hrs for $157.95 = about $45/hr. Not a bad hobby. I didnt include fuel and vehicle cost.
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