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Originally Posted by tmiw View Post
IMO I think it'll be the former. I will even go as far as to say that a PIN will never be used at kiosks and gas pumps in the US unless it's a debit card or a credit card with PIN priority. They'll probably set them up so that signature is equivalent to no CVM (even though they're not really supposed to) to ensure that any backup PIN's ignored.

But this is mostly a moot point. It's very unlikely the US will ever fully adopt EMV anyway until at least the end of the decade, and quite possibly long after. As unlikely as I think it is, this mythical "mobile payments" thing could end up happening after all and we could all be paying at the table with an Android or iOS app before EMV ever gets fully adopted or we switch to PIN.
Any payment method that requires a $500 phone (very high price to pay to pay) be whipped out (and thus exposed to loss or damage frequently) is simply not going to fly - despite Apple's delusion that the world will shell out $500 to do this specific thing.
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