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February idiocy

Have 2 teens and NW Buxx cards are set to load automatically on the first and 15 of each month.

For some reason teen son's buxx card did not load on Feb 15. I didn't have time to call (always an hour on the phone) and let it slide. On March 1, son's card loaded but daughter's didn't. Called and was on the phone with them for 1.5 hours (1 hour rep, 30 min supervisor). Was told they would call back with info as why it didn't load in a few days. A week goes by and no emails or calls. Call again today. Turns out that their automatic load doesn't work in February as it ends up loading more than 1K in 30 days (Feb has only 28). Son's load only went thru due to the previous month's glitch.

Can't load now manually as that will throw off the following month. Caveat emptor...
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