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There are so many factually incorrect things in this post I don't know where to start:

Originally Posted by GeorgiaDawg93 View Post
Well, I was politely informed that Marriott Rewards instructed them to now offer Golds/Platinums a continental breakfast only. The kind receptionist informed me that Marriott told them all hotels without a lounge are only to offer that.
Simply not true. Each hotel can decide what to do. At a Ren in Atlanta I was at a few weeks ago I was given up to $15/person to use at the restaurant.

Originally Posted by GeorgiaDawg93 View Post
And since the major devaluation given to Marriott Platinums by giving United Airlines top tier immediate Marriott Gold, I will admit I pulled back most of my business. How can a company sell out ITS most loyal patrons for those of another company? I don't get that. And now, with Marriott directing hotels to only give continental breakfast--why would anyone continue patronizing Marriott Hotels? I mean, there is no chance of a suite upgrade--ever.
How do golds effect your life? A more crowded lounge? Less upgrades? As a plat your upgrade percentage shouldn't change.

Originally Posted by GeorgiaDawg93 View Post
And to boot--there is no premium internet, with higher speeds for Platinums! My colleagues (all non-status) have the same internet I have...which is basically useless! For me, the writing is on the wall. I left HHonors back in 2005-6, for similar reasons. And sadly, Marriott is following directly in that path!
Maybe the hotel you stayed at didn't have premium internet. Most full service hotels do. The free premium speed makes streaming netflix, etc work very nicely. I appreciate the perk.

Looks like you feel Marriott isn't the hotel for you any more. If you want to leave, that's a decision you need to make.

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