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Since I posted questions earlier--thank you for the responses--

I should say at the start that there really isn't anything wrong with the hotel. It isn't an awful property or anything like that.

The biggest problem was noise. This was probably the single noisiest hotel in terms of street noise that I've ever stayed in--and that include big city hotels all over the US and Europe. We were on the 22nd floor, and while I had done my research and knew there was some street noise, I simply wasn't prepared for this. Out on the balcony, it was dominant--it really wasn't possible to relax out there, with all the buses, trucks backing up, etc. At night, street musicians set up shop below, including some kind of drum performance. Even inside the room, you could hear every bit of it. The front desk said it usually stops around 10, but it probably went on until at least 10:30 if not later (I finally fell asleep with headphones). It was really brutal.

This. It is SO LOUD in this hotel. We were checked in to the EWa tower and "upgraded" to an oceanfront view. 20th flor. It was not head on, but there was no straining to see the ocean. But, it faced the diamond head tower where they were jackhammering away. The thought of trying to sit on the balcony and enjoying coffee when we knew they would start at 0700 every morning was a non-starter. BTW, we could hear the jackhammeing with the doors/ windows closed. We asked to be moved to the other side and the only thing available was 15th floor, partial ocean view, but facing the other way. We took it.

The view was OK. It was partial. But the noise was no better, and possibly worse. Street noise. Lual from the Sheraton. Trucks. Cars. It's 7am on a Saturday, why am I awake? Noise. We have spent less than an hour on the balcony due to the constant crush of noise.

No way I would ever reccomend this hotel. It's nice, but I would go no further than that.
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