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Had a DYKWIA totally lose it last night and what was it that set him off, they had to send the pink baggage cart down to get the bags that would not fit the first time and his bag was in group 2. Now I can understand being a "little" unhappy if this was a delayed flight and you had a tight connection; however, this was at a small regional airport on the last flight to arrive that night.

As soon at the GA announced that all the bags didn't fit in the cart and they had to send it back down the DYKWIA (let's call him "Mr. Mountain out of a molehill") started yelling, and I mean yelling, I am a Diamond how come my bag was not first. The GA explained that all the bags are only tagged pink so they can't tell if they are priority, well that sent him into a 3-4 min. rampage (the total time it took them to get round 2 bags up to the jetway) about how could he be treated this way after the $50K he spent with Delta last year and went on to drop the F-bomb at the GA.

I would hate to see how Mr. Mountain out of a molehill reacts to a flight delay or a missed connection or heaven forbid was one of the thousands that had their eastern seaboard flight cancelled last night.
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