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Originally Posted by AllieKat View Post
The reporting is fine, but it said of total fraud, not of CNP fraud. There's also application fraud, internet fraud, mail fraud, etc. Far more than just counterfeiting and stolen card fraud.
Maybe they got the numbers from this chart?

It would be nice to see how much of the CNP fraud came from skimmed cards vs. breaking into the online stores themselves.

Originally Posted by AllieKat View Post
No way. Mastercard, Discover, and American Express have a PIN liability shift. And signature skipping only applies to the SIGNATURE CVM. Not to PIN. Which makes sense, PIN is way less hassle. It takes a couple seconds.

With the exception of mobile payments and maybe some restaurants, don't expect anywhere to not ask for the PIN on an OFFLINE PIN card. An online PIN card will likely revert to signature.
The PIN liability shift only comes into play if the card is PIN preferring. Since almost no US issued cards are such there's effectively no difference in liability by simply disabling PIN support at the terminal. (Of course, if the business gets a lot of foreign visitors they may want to think more carefully about the implications.) That said, most places won't do that other than those who've traditionally taken cards away from customers such as table service restaurants. But we don't know for sure if that'll happen.

Oh, and I think online PIN support will come eventually since some of the cards that are PIN preferring (Navy Federal for example) have online PIN first.
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