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do you know why can't get 1% for the payment, loading to NW buxx will make double cash become single cash?

Originally Posted by Julian Brennan View Post
Your questions are a bit vague so I'll try to answer in the only way which makes sense for me:
- NW Buxx does not code as CA but you don't get the 2nd 1% for the payment - only the 1st 1% for the charge
- I never use the NW Buxx for ATM w/d as it's a PITA. Unless you're very lucky you'll have to constantly call in and have the $1 fee reversed. A better way is to use the cashback feature at grocery stores (one bigbox retailer starting with "W" lets you take up to $100 along with each purchase!).
- US Buxx $500 ATM w/d per week is no problem at all
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