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Originally Posted by essexadventurer View Post
I want to book on seperate ticket the 15:20 back from DUB to LHR. We'll be with luggage. I've asked on a couple of threads whether this is legal and do able without an answer.
Legal? - yes, you don't appear to be breaking any laws, regulations or rules, as far as I can see.
Do-able? - yes, in normal circumstances. Bags normally get returned within 30 minutes at DUB, they are quite efficient.
Risky? - yes. A lot could go wrong, and I would only do it HBO. But everyone has a different approach to risk. The tale above illustrates would can happen, but bear in mind the worst case scenario is that you have to hang around DUB for a while and pay a walk up fare. Hopefully it won't come to that, and furthermore you can set the cost / risk factors against the cost savings involved.
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