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Personally I wouldn't worry yet. Even if it was delayed and landed anytime up to 12:30 I think you'd still have a legal connection. Key thing will be to exit quickly and get through transfer conformance before about STD-35 for the DUB flight.

If you miss that flight I think BA would likely (albeit we believe without contractual obligation) alter your Dublin return flight for you.

There are many legitimate reasons why you may have needed to drop something in Dublin on the way back / meet to sign documents etc., and the original connection you booked left you time to do that. It was the delay on BA's part (for whatever reason) that caused your plan to start coming apart.

Asking to short check the bags in MIA will likely compound the issue rather than help. In some ways the best case scenario is that you make the LHR-DUB flight but your bags don't. It's then BAs job to get them back to your house and you can relax an travel home HBO. I never had an issue with short-shipped bags on the last sector as it makes my journey home from the airport hassle free and the bags usually pitch up later that day.

In summary, keep the cool, don't stress and (assuming you actually want the TPs / Avios / need to be in Dublin) just stick to your guns that you need the return changed and you should be fine.
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