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So I am in the process of making a MR that I had to use a multi destination ticket to book. One thing that is holding me up is that EWR is a big part of the run, and weather hasn't been friendly to the east coast this winter. Right now it is looking like LNK-EWR-SJU-EWR-HNL-LAS next weekend. I have a conference I have to be in LAS for by 3-1. So my question is, if I get a weather problem in EWR, are they going to reroute me to my final destination? Or are they going to send me to either SJU or HNL depending on which stop in EWR I have the problem with? Would I get original mileage credit if they send me direct LAS from EWR? Thanks for your responses in advance!
In my experience, they're going to try and be helpful and put you on the most direct route. If you interact with someone at the airport, you may have to explain that you have to stop at the cities on your original itinerary. My experience was that a few years ago I was working on a deal with a company in San Diego and had to have documents signed in New York. I'd fly LAX SAN connecting in either JFK or EWR. Some agents would check me into the next LAX/SAN or SAN/LAX without asking. I'd just be vigilant.
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