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Originally Posted by baliktad View Post
I had an almost identical situation about 18 months ago... I had a SEA-YVR connection to a CX F award. The SEA-YVR segment was at an undesirable time early in the day due to award availability and as a result I had a several hour layover planned in YVR. I had planned on taking the flights as ticketed and had no problem with the layover.

Unfortunately, the day of departure, I had an urgent issue at work that I needed to complete before leaving. I hoped I would be able to check in online, SDC to the later SEA-YVR, and still fly the rest of my intl award as planned. When I checked in for the AS segment, I was not offered SDC options to any earlier/later flight, despite seeing plenty of space on flights at other times.

I ended up calling the Gold desk who did ultimately confirm that because the ticket is subject to partner contracts, SDC is NOT available for partner awards. Evidently the AS segments must come out of award availability buckets, whereas SDC allows changing to any available seat.

I did manage to plead my case to a VERY kind agent who understood my situation, confirmed that there was plenty of space on my desired flight, and took pity on me by manually changing my ticket despite lack of award space. (Effectively a manual override SDC.) I understood this was an exception and not to be expected in the future, but I was grateful for the humans at AS who did what they could to help.
Was SDC not normally available because the ticket was issued by a partner, or because the CX connection was on the same itinerary?
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