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Agent listed son as "Ms." on award ticket.

I didn't immediately catch the error , but once I did I called back and the CSR on the other end indicated that she was hesitant to correct the error as one of the partner airlines (it is a five segment total trip to/from Europe) did not still have award tickets for the itinerary and that our tickets would be cancelled. She said she was "putting it in the file where everyone could see it" and that it wouldn't cause a problem with TSA or immigration.

Am I right to trust this? I do not want to do anything to jeopardize our trip. Indeed now there are no direct flights out at all that day even on United and none at all for return. I don't want the ticket cancelled but I am also afraid that the error will cause boarding problems all along our route (Washington to London, Amsterdam to Rome and back to Washington). Any advice for a non-seasoned international traveler?
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