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On a flight last weekend (RIC-LGA), we were set to depart about 10-15 min early until some woman boarded the plane and started off rudely and matter-of-factly stating to the FA that she has a larger carryon bag "with my $25,000 camera!" and that she needs to bring it onboard (note that this is a CRJ7). The FA starts in on the "if it doesn't fit under the seat in front of you we'll need to pink tag it or check it". She's having none of that.

Just then, the GA walks down and starts telling this woman that she needs to pink tag that bag or check it. The woman replies (in her thick European accent) that she's "having a conversation with this flight woman" and they go back and forth a bit (Apparently the GA took exception at her taking it down the jetway but she did anyway).

This goes on for what seems like 10min. She leaves the plane w/the bag and must have had more "conversation" at the gate and finally comes back on w/the bag and it's pretty long. I'm guessing she ended up with an empty seat next to her and had it on the floor because I don't see how it would have fit overhead.

We finally depart about 5 min late and taxi to the end of the runway and then the pilot announces we can't takeoff for another 15-20 min due to traffic entering LGA.

Luckily, I had about a 90min layover so the 20-25min delay didn't affect me but not sure about others on the plane.

The guy across from me in 1B and I had a few laughs about it after she boarded as well as some others up front.

Geeez...I mean, if you fly enough that you know on the smaller planes you have an issue with this bag (which she has had before according to her "conversation with the flight woman") then get a different type of bag or case for this "$25,000 camera" that will fit appropriately!
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