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Originally Posted by bldr1k View Post
The problem with all of these elite programs is that they provide minimal useful benefits. Hilton needs to find a way to incent people to stay beyond 60 nights. For example, if you are a lifetime diamond AND you achieve 60 nights, that should put you way above other diamonds and maybe always get you a suite.

I have 5 hilton stays this year and they have all been crap. In most cases I could not even get a room with a king size bed because I was checking in mid-week. I checked in to the Hilton Midtown on Thu and there were tons of suites available and they would not give me one. I had to pay extra to get a suite.

For me Hilton is the most convenient hotel chain to stay in. However, once I hit 60 nights I then will go for top level at the rest of the chains. Last year Hilton lost 175 nights of my travel which is approximately $35,000. If Diamond had any value I would have given those 175 nights to Hilton. Hilton isn't alone here - I think the same clueless MBA consultants are advising all of the hotel chains.
You average $200 per night. Wow, my company has a soft cap of $150 per night.

The incentive is all the points you earn that you can use on great vacations at Hilton properties. And I reserve the minimum type room that I want on an award which sometimes costs more points. But if I stay more than the minimum to maintain Diamond I get plenty of points to get those nice rooms. I never rely on free upgrades on award stays, that is just setting yourself up for disappointment.

And I don't see the big deal about suites, as long as I get a comfortable bed that is king or queen I am pretty happy. I most certainly would not spend extra money that I wouldn't get reimbursed for just to have a suite. The room is for sleeping. But I guess if you are entertaining in your room you would want something really nice. So far the Hilton chains are very good about getting me the things that are important to me. High floor, hate people above me, and a king bed most of the time. And when they can't get me the king I always get 2 queens which is also fine. And breakfast is important to me too.
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