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Originally Posted by starbuk
Does anyone have an idea of when credit line reductions are "freed up" at Barclays after reducing limits voluntarily? If I reduced my CL 2 weeks ago or a month ago, when does it become available for instant approvals?
Originally Posted by Surface Interval
Not really sure, but one fact I have discovered is that my CL with Barclays is reported the day that the statement closes. I have an account with one of the reporting agencies (My Privacy Matters) that shows my account is still at $20k even though I had Barclays change it to less than $5k. I would expect that Barclays uses the likes of Transunion, Experian, or Equifax for their approvals. To be safe, I'm waiting until later this month after my statement closes to apply for a new card. Not getting rid of the old as it has the 10k mile annual bonus.
I was just approved today for my 4th card. Two are currently open and I reduced the credit lines on both of them a little under two weeks ago. I was denied once for the Arrival but that was likely due to not waiting long enough (~6 months) between new Barclay's applications.
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