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Originally Posted by mia View Post
1. The date of purchase is irrelevant. Transactions are always priced when posted, but the rate used is not necessarily the rate established on the posting date. Read your card agreement to see what they use.
I'm not sure why you think reading the card agreement is relevant. As you yourself point out, forex markets never close. Chase can list a transaction online initially with one value and then give it a different value when posted, even when it's posted on the same date. I dare say it's easier to compare the rate at purchase time to the published rates elsewhere at that instant than to compare the posting date rate with the rate at some arbitrary time of day.

You need to look at purchase rates, not fictitious mid-market rates which represent an average of buying and selling rates at an arbitrary time.
Yet, somehow, Mastercard's rates are remarkably close to those "fictitious" mid-market rates.

If you think you have evidence that Chase is adding an undisclosed foreign transaction fee don't write about it here. Hire a lawyer because they are violating a binding explicit antitrust agreement not to do this.
As various comments demonstrate, it seems that it's Visa's doing. Also, whoever's it is, raising awareness and using Mastercard is free. Hiring a lawyer is not.
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