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Originally Posted by Phantom707 View Post
Does anyone know if Save-A-Lots are hard coded to be cash only for Reloadits? I tried searching the thread using both the forum tool as well as Google and Bing, but the store's name has a lot of common words (save, a, and lot).

I went to a Save-A-Lot today and finally found a bunch of Reloadits, but when I tried to buy a $500 load (I probably should've tried a smaller amount), the manager said it was cash only. Is this a hard policy or just on a manager basis?
I went a Save-A-Lot about a week ago and they were loaded with Reloadits. The fact that there were so many made me think that they would not accept CC for purchases (otherwise they would have been gone already) but figured I would try to buy one and see what happened.

Sure enough when I got the register the clerk told me he it was cash only. I asked him to try the CC and he said he would have to get his manger's approval, who was really an assistant manager. She didn't appear to have a clue and told the clerk "I think you're right it's cash only" so I let it go and walked out.

Later in the week I called the store and spoke to the manager. He was very nice and said the "company policy" was that they could only accept cash or debit cards and that the cash register would not let them accept credit cards. Thus, it appears to be hard coded.
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