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Originally Posted by rkaradi View Post
41 bumps on my flight last night. I think more then half were IDB. Crj 900 den-lax. Complete fiasco 4 hour delay. Was not given any option and was never even asked if I'd VDB since 1/2 guests were on plane for most of that time. Muself included. When I was yanked off Full fare F and ex plat I was slightly stunned and so we're the 6 other F passangers who were taken off.

Given 500 in vouchers. Was told that was all I could get. Would prefer a check or more comp. any suggestions? It was a really really awful experience.
Ironically, if the IDB was because of weight and balance issues on an aircraft with capacity under 60, you'd not be eligible for a sou. As stated in the wiki:

"unless"... "On a flight operated with an aircraft having 60 or fewer seats, you are denied boarding due to safety-related weight/balance restrictions that limit payload..."
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