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Originally Posted by MFLetou View Post
Since I posted questions earlier--thank you for the responses--I wanted to follow up now that we've completed our stay (sort of).

So, for the first time I can ever remember, I actually checked out of my reserved hotel (the Hyatt) after one night and switched to an entirely different one for the rest of my stay.

I should say at the start that there really isn't anything wrong with the hotel. It isn't an awful property or anything like that. It just wasn't what I wanted for the kind of trip that I was on (a 10th anniversary getaway without the kids).

At check in, the staff at the front desk was excellent. Friendly, a nice welcome, and an upgrade from an oceanview king room to an oceanfront king room. The resort fee was waived. I had done self parking at the Hyatt garage across the street, and the garage was memorable--very, very tight, with a small number of spaces per floor. (However, its sitting on a prime piece of real estate and the views from the garage were very nice!). I'm not a fan of valet, but this might be a place to consider it just to avoid the narrow passage up--if a vehicle is coming down while you are coming up, its pretty dicey (and by the way, I park in a tight parking garage every workday, so it isn't like I'm new to this).

Our room was newly renovated in the Ewa tower. It was nice and fresh, as one would expect. I did not mind the color scheme--the light blue used is beachy. The room itself was quite large. However, in my view, the space wasn't used very well and a lot of it is wasted. There's a long work desk, but the only other real piece of furniture is sort of a half chair/lounge kind of thing, with seating for one. Therefore, there's a lot of empty space just sitting there that isn't useable. A couple of chairs and a table would be nice.

The good part of the bathroom is that the sink is on the outside, the bad part is that the rest of the fixtures (toilet and bathtub/shower) are pretty tight. Our tub had a drainage problem that I would have needed to have addressed had we stayed at the hotel.

The lanai was fairly small. For an oceanfront room, I was not impressed with the view. We were at an angle, and from the room itself could only see the Westin and other hotels next door. You had to stand right at the glass, or go out on the lanai to see the ocean, and it was not a panoramic view.

The biggest problem was noise. This was probably the single noisiest hotel in terms of street noise that I've ever stayed in--and that include big city hotels all over the US and Europe. We were on the 22nd floor, and while I had done my research and knew there was some street noise, I simply wasn't prepared for this. Out on the balcony, it was dominant--it really wasn't possible to relax out there, with all the buses, trucks backing up, etc. At night, street musicians set up shop below, including some kind of drum performance. Even inside the room, you could hear every bit of it. The front desk said it usually stops around 10, but it probably went on until at least 10:30 if not later (I finally fell asleep with headphones). It was really brutal.

We also weren't impressed with the "shopping" area below the lobby--Blackstone has announced a renovation, and that's a good thing because its seem better days and is just kind of depressing. One of the stores was being used for a bankruptcy liquidation when we were there.

As others have mentioned, the pool itself is flat out pathetic, and the area around it is quite limited. There's not much room just to sit and relax. We checked out the restaurants and they didn't seem that appealing either.

So, after one night, we sort of looked at each other and said that this isn't really what we had in mind for a relaxing trip, and decided to cut our losses. It is possible we could have been relocated to a quieter room? Maybe. Higher might have helped some...but not THAT much, as 22 is not a low floor. Perhaps the Diamondhead tower is quieter, but as others said availability is limited because of renovations right now. The other issues with the general atmosphere of the place, and the views weren't going to be fixed.

Since we were calling an audible, our options were fairly limited and we did have a budget. We ended up moving to an oceanfront room in the Rainbow Tower at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. I'll post a full report on the Hilton thread. To be honest, I had been scared off that hotel by reviews on Flyertalk and TripAdvisor. I was afraid our intended quiet, relaxing stay would be overrun by kids. Maybe we just got lucky in terms of occupancy when we were there, but those fears were not realized at all and we absolutely loved the place. It helped that we were upgraded into a king corner room with unbelievable panoramic views. The whole atmosphere there was terrific, its literally right on the beach, and from what I saw it is the best section of beach on Waikiki. In terms of kids and commotion, most of that was centered around the Paradise Pool which has water slides. The Super pool below us was almost completely kid-free every day. Yes, there were kids on the beach, but it was such a large expanse of beach that there was still plenty of room to spread out. Now, the Hilton did cost more, particularly because the resort fee wasn't waived, so that is a consideration. But, for us it was a much better choice, and a completely different experience.

So, the bottom line is that I simply misjudged the Hyatt--I was aware of the some of the issues, but I just didn't think they would impact my enjoyment as much as they did. Depending on your needs and what you're there for, I wouldn't necessarily say to stay away, but be aware of the noise issues from the street and plan accordingly. As I said, the staff we encountered were friendly and nice, and had I brought my concerns to their attention I'm sure they would have done their best to try to improve my experience even though they were mostly out of their control.

It's a shame but your observations from my experience are right on target. I for the life of me can not understand why the hotel does not do something with the rooms and the way they are done it is a lot of wasted space, other than real suites. Noise is always an issue nothing one can do about that, your in the middle of everything. The pool area is a joke, and they redid that a few years ago. Restaurants are also a joke. They can not seem to get that right as well. I still call for the Colony to reopen!

The "shopping" has been in a steady decline for years, but in all fairness many of the other hotels are experiencing the same thing.

Staff GREAT !
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