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Originally Posted by mudpuppy View Post
Not a ton, played slots with my girlfriend for a couple hours. I have 1151 points, so it must have been about $1700 through the machines. I think I lost around $400. Certainly a higher theo than the one hour at $25 BJ, but I never expected the offers to continue at this level of play.
The problem is that they had no idea how much you typically gamble after your initial play there. All they knew is that you played at $25 a hand. They may have thought, "hey if we get this guy to stay at our place, maybe he is the kind of degenerate gambler who will play for 12 hours straight". So they send you a free room offer to find out. When you stayed at their place for 2 days and put $1,700 through a slot, you showed them that you are not a crazy degenerate and therefore they didn't like you all that much. To them you were a tease.

Now the way to play this is to go to a new place, get a card, and play at very high levels for a very short period of time. Instead of 2 hours at $25 a hand, play 30 minutes at $100 a hand. It's the same theoretical loss, but you are showing that new place that you are a black chip bettor who is probably staying (and playing) somewhere else, but who randomly happened upon their casino somehow. They will send you an enticing offer to win over your potential business. This only works once as after you stay there and don't play all that much they will know you are in fact just a tease, but at least you get the one nice trip. And there are a heck of a lot of casinos in this country.
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