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Originally Posted by WNHHTraveler View Post
Uh-oh have I made a mistake?
You have now. 23A and 23K are the best J seats on the plane.

Originally Posted by OMGImInPattaya View Post
Yes, you have hit on the problem with row 23. Unless one is extra tall and really needs the extra legroom it's generally recommended to avoid this row (also on Seatguru). I was surprised the author recommended them...maybe he is really tall.

There is plenty of legroom for most in any of the other rows further up...especially the window seats (A and K), which have more than the two seats in the middle of the plane.
23A and 23K have no more legroom than the other A and K seats, and the same as the E and F seats in the middle of the plane.

The seats closest to the aisles B, D, G and J have reduced legroom.
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