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Originally Posted by bensyd View Post
When did Africa and Australia become equivalents?

Your comparison would be no different to me advising Australian tourists to visit southern Africa instead of the US.
Oh, believe me, there are some significant historical, cultural and geographical similarities as you travel the English-speaking world -- and some differences (just like there are between the USA and Australia).

The Namib desert is more interesting than the outback. Cape Town has more to do, and better food (perhaps because it's affordable) than Sydney. Stellenbosch is better than the Barossa (perhaps because you can actually buy the wine at a sensible price). Lions and elephant viewing is better than kangaroos and emus. It's pure joy to shop in a South African supermarket; in an Australian supermarket, you wonder why the heck everything is so expensive.

Mind you, I'd much prefer to live in Australia than South Africa. But as a 2-week tourist, it's not a close call IMO. That said, Africa seems scary to many tourists and Australia seems safe. So they head to Australia.
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